Thursday, 24 March 2016

WE ARE #OnTheMap...

Game of Access project is almost half way through now. To this point we have been gathering information and trialling different creative processes to make the sessions accessible for everyone. From the power of the banana to the relaxation of a bench, from The glass door in the Theatre Royal that doesn't let you in to falling out of your wheelchair trying to enter The Citadel. We are collating this information to make a game, a game about our town and us in it. Is the town even ours when we cant get in or too it? This game will allow us to put ourselves On The Map and at the same time educate people about our experience.

As we enter the second phase of the project we are beginning to collate all the information during separate session to design a game to play with the public (dates and venue of sessions to be confirmed, anyone with an interest for gaming is welcome). All the information from the design group will be fed back to the sessions at The Citadel where we will create the artwork and text for the game and do trials of the prototype at the same time as developing more content.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled, #OnTheMap you will see us around the streets of town as our work from the sessions is displayed in public art takeovers.
Please remember this project is open for any disabled people to input into and we would love to hear from you!