Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Prop making a devising for Common Wealth in good old Bradders!!

Brilliant week in Bradford RandDing Common Wealths new show and making funny films with the people of Bradford in it! Finished the week by taking down the installation in Stead and Simpson, sad but true!! Ill be back Bradford don't you worry/ worry delete as appropriate!

Some stuff I made that I am selling in The Hippy Hole, Liverpool!

If you want to buy it or just go and have a look find out where the shop is here...


Thursday, 10 April 2014

My shrine to my time in Bristol made from all my favourite bits of shit I collected and was given there!!

So Long Bristol Have a bit of art!!!

When I moved to Bristol 6 years ago there were some friendly regular faces around Stokes Croft. Place by place they got moved on to gentrify the area and make it more 'inclusive' and safe. Their final undercover spot was boarded up and turned into another place to have a mural on Stokes Croft what a wacky arty area, the only reasoning I can see behind this is to move these people on. My artwork was gone the next morning, probably not the kind of art they want on Stokes Croft!

Send Him to the Stocks!!

And make the fruit rotten!!

We need to get more of these up in old stocks across the country!!
Thats a challenge and a request!!