Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I'm a winner!!!!!!!!!!!

Just won £150 of arts vouchers thanks to Claire Weetman!! Can't wait to get spending!!

The Hague - Exhibition - Put a Face to Human Traffiking!!

Me and Ruth Fettis have just come 2nd with this image in Stop The Traffik Netherlands call out for artists to put a face to Human Traffiking!! Our work will be on display in The Hague in The Netherlands Next Week!! Wooo!!

Here is the flier for the exhibition...

And the link to us on their site...

Friday, 10 October 2014

Off The Wall

Every other week on a Wednesday I am taking part at the Off The Wall course at Eccleston Library looking at how we can get art into Libraries!

You can follow the blog here...

The first night was really nice a group of about 11 of us all talking about artists we liked and looking at different ways we could place our own work within the library. We could'nt find the light switch to the main library so wandered around the main library in the dark!!

A very exciting and unique experience. Everyone on the course was lovely and it was really inspiring and refreshing to sit around talking about great and bad art. I look forward to the rest of the course and what will come out of it at the end!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

According to a report on human trafficking recently presented by European Commissioner there are more than 23,600 victims in the EU, and two-thirds of them are exploited sexually. 

It is time we stop talking about slavery like it is a thing of the past and face what is on our doorstep. It spans many countries and industries from coca farming for the chocolate industry  to au pairing. These people are someones child, sibling or friend and have the same dreams and aspirations as everyone else it is time we do something to help them.

I made this collaborating with artist Ruth Fettis for a call out Stop The Traffik Holland made to put a face to the victims of sex trafficking. It had to be a digital piece hence its flatness. It tells the story of a young Romanian girl who has been trafficked to western Europe in her heart are the reasons she came, education, work, money or love and behind her in her stark and lonely room are what she left the fabric of her life her family, friends and home. They are still with her but she can't reach them. This is the unfortunate story for lots of victims from Eastern Europe many of which are under 18.

There are lots of projects out there and information on how to help, places you can volunteer or donate to in your area. I was thinking about doing this online course from Sheffield University it costs about £50 and takes 3-10 hours informing you about trafficking in the UK and how to help... not sure its any good but think we need to get more informed so we can open the doors on this. 

Drop the Dumb Bells!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Drop the Dumbell's my new place of work and fun Friday night saw our opening. The building is full of potential and possibilities so don't hesitate to get in touch!!


Cartwright Hall exhibition with Ruth Fettis

Here is a link to my up and coming exhibition with Ruth Fettis in Cartwight Hall I will soon begin my workshops at Carlton Bolling school to produce work for their exhibition on Otley Road.