Friday, 16 May 2014

Bremen Kunst festival indépendant bit... I managed to have landed myself in a boss little community of artists...SOUND!

Arrived in Bremen in Germany on Tuesday night to this...

to which i replied "ah cool, so who else is exhibiting in here!?", to which he replied "just you!"

bare in mind all I had was this...

no art no nothing just my tools a mini suitcase full of shit, what scrap i could find here and four days.

Well at least I had four days, a day to stress and the rest to take action. Except I had the days wrong, I didn't have four days at all, I had a day and a half!

So I decided to make a den and some 'art' and bobs your uncle, my first german exhibition in years!!!!!!!

The Den!

A poo on s plinth with Scabs character catching it on its eye phone. 
...were are part of the free independent section of the art festival so I had to do a little salute to the art world!

Inside the Den...

Featuring Ruth Fettis' homeless lino cut characters from our piece Tales of a Forgotten City

Not bad for a day and a half, everyone has been really enjoying it! was well cosy in there at the opening but I was too busy playing Bet Lynch at the bar so I will post more pictures of it in action from the following days! Now I'm off to discover Bremen.

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