Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Birthday Presents - An Unfortunate Duty

Informed by my sister I had not chipped in for her birthday present I thought I had chipped in for in March, she said "not to worry, me and my house mates saw a piece of art in Vienna that was the sky line of the city with a light behind it. You can make us one of them of London".

"Oh really, I can can I??" so I was given the measurements I was set to work. So far I have this...

Her and all her house mates have been incorporated into the city scape. I will begin by layering up and making each image 3D then I will cut out windows and back light it using a strip light designed for kitchen counters. It will have a similar effect to this...

it will have a similar effect to this, this is just a light box I made with some pictures in, you can see how the light from it back light the cathedral above it, the light will be stronger in the London sky line though as it will be directly behind the picture as opposed to here where the light box is the source of light.

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