Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Never buying vac form bricks again!!!! Our great discovery June 2014

These are vac form bricks...
it is basically a sheet of plastic that is vacuum formed to look like bricks and then you paint it. It is used by set builders to create a brick effect on buildings. This is they aren't that good and they are really expensive!!

We got a better idea!!, what to do with you off cuts of wood!??...

1. cut them into similar sized pieces, sand down the edges, glue them onto some ply and staple them from the back.

2. mix and apply a textured paint to knock the wood back so it looks like stone.

3. leave the cracks grey so it looks like cement but paint the bricks in various bricky shades.

4. cut a big hole out of you set and attach the bricks behind it, render your set texture up to the bricks and jazz up with a bit of greenery, Bobs your uncle an old wall with exposed brick where the render fell off and NO WASTE!!!

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